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Existing Needs – The current market in today's defence industry is oversaturated with companies claiming to fulfill customer requirements and market demands. It has been shown that the current needs are not being meet. Enter Strategic Rescue Products, LLC, we have built a new model by working side by side with the best innvovators, warriors, first responders, patent law firms, intellectual property law firms that the United States of America has to offer to give the industry, customer and global market the cutting edge protected product it needs. One size does not fit all so we build what you need. 

Mission statement –  Strategic  Rescue Products provides all the capabilities and resources required,  including Intellectual Property, Product Development, Product Design,  Manufacturing and Distribution. The kernel of this strategy is in  re-conceiving the business model as an innovation development platform  providing the individuals closest to the job being done by Fire &  Rescue, TACMED, LEO, Military, SOF personnel with the resources and  infrastructure to develop and commercialize these innovative fire &  rescue, law enforcement and military related products. We offer adaptive manufaturing for mission based operations and client needs. One size does not fit all so we build what you need. 

Company Structure – Strategic Rescue Products’ (SRP) works in combination with next generation manufactures like BackBay USA to create and bring the latest innovative products to market. Our global product offering Strategic Rescue Products International based out of Switzerland gives us the needed foodhold in the world market to distribute our products and complete our mission statement in real time. This bridges the gap from innovator to customer.

Executing the Mission – A company is only good as the products they create. We utilize all of our global assets including our cadre of retired Special Operations soldiers who create, review and test our products to insure we complete  our mission. One size does not fit all so we build what you need.  

Strategic Rescue Products International

Strategic Rescue Product International plays a key role in the SRP family. They bring our next generation solutions to the global market by redefining the distribution model and acting as a bridge for clients across the globe to access much needed products and solutions. 


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