Innovative Training Solutions

Sharpening the Spear

Strategic Rescue Product (USA) and our global partners proudly offer a variety of custom solutions for the defence and fire rescue industry. We aim to solve complex demands required by clients through the unitilization of training and technology created out of the Global War on Terror.  Our cadre of former US Military  Special Operations Soldiers and Marines whose backgrounds are from the  elite Army Rangers, Army SF (Green Berets), Marine Force Reconnaissance  and the US Army Special Missions Unit create the training program designed to fit the clients mission set.  

We have partnered with a group of hand picked companies to bring first responders the world over from EMS, Fire Rescue, Special Forces, Military to Law Enforcement to the next level. We help bridge the gap by giving them the tools required to sharpen the spear.

Our Training Partners


K911 Tactical Care catastrophic injuries canine care lifesaving classes veterinarian care

K911 was designed to provide lifesaving care at the point of injury to our beloved K9s. Our courses are about stopping the death spiral from catastrophic injuries so you can buy them the time they need to get to a qualified veterinarian. K911 is about K9s surviving otherwise deadly wounds so they are alive and viable when you get them to a veterinarian.


Training & mentorship in tactical operations from an Army Special Operations professional

STC is training and mentorship in tactical operations from an Army Special Operations professional with a combat proven record: Fred Fusco. Experienced Operator from the US Army Special Operations community & a 20+ year Army retiree, Fred spent 12 years as a Green Beret working as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. He has several deployments to Iraq, Kuwait, and other countries in support of the Global War on Terrorism. He then became an Operator in the US Army’s elite Special Missions Unit. While assigned there Fred worked as an Assault Team member, Master Breacher, Sniper/Observer, Multi-purpose canine Handler, and Operations Sergeant Major for the K9 Program.


Values-based, Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) with access, currency, and relevance throughout the Public Safety, Department of Defense and Homeland Security communities.

Crimson Effect has an unmatched blend of military, special operations, law enforcement, fire/rescue, emergency medical services, emergency management, homeland security and other specialists who bring responsive, tailored services and products to dynamic organizations.