Xtraction MODE

Xtraction Mode Tactical Harness

Utilizes mechanical leverage for the rescuer to wrap webbing around the victim’s upper body cavity for hands free extraction.

Xtraction Mode Mini Harness

A heavy duty extrication system with secured pouch & detachable option, bridging the gap between Care Under Fire (CUF) & Tactical Field Care (TFC).

Xtraction Mode Micro Harness

X-tract Micro Harness emergency responders EOD, heavy breacher, wearing CBRN with SCBA

Provides emergency responders the leverage to evacuate any individual, regardless of their mission or operational equipment load out.

Xtraction Mode Micro Breakaway

The Xtraction Mode Micro Breakaway Harness is the stealth version of the original Xtraction with 50% reduction in weight and size for ease of use and deployment regardless of type of mission.

Patient Xtraction Mode System

Patient X-traction System

The system integrates into any plate carrier, tactical vest, or ammunition belt via MOLLE webbing and can be incorporated into select tactical backpacks without the need for it to be physically attached.